Ewoca³ Tag 6 – Exkursion to Wroclaw (Breslau)

Dass Breslau Europäische Kulturstadt 2016 ist, begegnete uns überall.

Dass Breslau Europäische Kulturstadt 2016 ist, begegnete uns überall.

Unna/Krzyzowa. Nach einem Tag der Auszeit und Erholung, heute der Gastbeitrag eines italienischen Teilnehmers des Austauschs.

von Stefano Giovanni Rodriguez Medina

The last day of our first week in Poland is dedicated to tourism. We have to take out our cosmopolitan soul so in that way can have contact with people we don’t know and don’t speak english.

We start as usual by presenting the program and after a warm up, we go to the bus and have a long travel to our destination: WROCLAW! Before starting the sightseeing tour, we first go to a Jewish synagogue where we have a lesson and a little tour inside the synagogue discovering the story of Jewish people in Wroclaw before and after the 2nd World War. Then we’re offered a tasty kosher lunch that we enjoyed altogether.

After the lunch the fun starts, we divide in at least 3 member groups and we start losing in the city. Since we’re already in the centre of Wroclaw it’s easier to know the wonders of the European Capital of Culture 2016. As we’ve been divided in many groups we see different places that often are the same like churches, squares, museums and unwittingly at afternoon break time we meet in the same square because there are a lot of restaurants where we can sit and take something and chill.

After the break we keep getting to know the city and at 06:00 pm we meet in a park situated in one of the isles along the river. We have fun together because we play football, volleyball, with the arrow and other many things. It is funny because we play also with polish people that are there to relax themselves. We love that moment because it was a really moment of exchange with people you don’t know. After that we all meet at HALA STULECIA to watch a water and light show, where the water is splashed on the air and colors, images and videos are projected on. It’s a wonderful show but as every show it ends and we realize that the day is over and we have to come back to Krzyzowa.

Next day is coming…

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